Monday, November 10, 2008


Acting with BIG ACTORS is the first lesson she has taken in histrionics. Nobody would have bargained better for one's dream debut. As the time passed by she lost her mother. Subsequently all her guardians cheated her for her money and left her in lurch.

She acted in 25 films like. She was liked by all the heroes she acted with. And finally she landed up in a orphanage.

Mother of Priya is Girija Rani. She was also a good actress. She acted in 200 films in various roles. She has a daughter called Poorna in addition to Priya. Poorna is a physically handicapped girl. Girija Rani married a police officer called Gun Rajan. As usual she came to know that Gun Rajan has another wife with kids. Rajan used to harass Girija Rani for money.

To get rid of harassment and for the betterment of their kids future, she preferred another place, she took help of a person called Shankar. And Shankar turned out to be another villain in her life as he started ill treating her.

An year back Girija Rani was effected by paralysis. Later Girija Rani expired. When Girija Rani was suffering from paralysis, Shankar used to take Priya for shooting and misuse all the remuneration she gets. After the death of Girijarani, the two kids have decided to put an end to the exploitation of Shankar by taking help from Juvenile Rights Forum (JRF).

As of today, the nine year old Priya and fourteen year old Poorna are taking hostage, a orphanage sponsored. Priya must have had bitter experiences with money-minded men. Though she is active talking to women around, she become very stiff when men are around her.

This shows the plight of woman artists in cinema field. Girija Rani is an example. The result of it is that Priya and poorna have become orphans. Priya would have been the reigning princess on Telugu Silver screen if Girija Rani is alive today. The kids have informed that a few charity organizations have contributed to their cause when Girija Rani was on the bed. All the relatives who have exploited them when they had good days are staying away from these two kids today.

When asked if she wanted to act again, Priya says that she is more interested in studies. She wants to study and play just like other kids. It's pretty sad that the tiny tot who glowed not long ago is a neglected child now.

Lets wish that Priya's life will all be roses again!!

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